Monday, August 4, 2008

The beginning...

So here it begins! We have been contemplating this blog business for quite some time. We are lucky enough to work in an environment where all we do all day long is sit on the computer and write silly things to each other. One day in our silly banter we decided that we were hilarious! So spawned this amazing idea to blog our silliness with the world.

We found a particularly amusing pass time today. We were talking about the old Mac computers with the robot voice that you use to insult people. We found a text to speech program through AT&T that provides all the same laughs with a few new voices and languages.
We each took turns writing about our days and coming up with ridiculous things for the old woman's voice (Claire if you were wondering). Our favorite Claire script was describing the twilight series using the overly flowery language the author favors so much. Good times. We decided we needed to share this with the world. We're all bored. If you weren't bored you wouldn't be here now. So click on the link and have a laugh.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Remember, religion is in the heart. God is in the bushes..........watching."
-Said by an old man calling into a customer service department